Composites Engineer

Transform the world as we catalyse the adoption of renewable energy.
The Job
We are looking for an engineer or materials scientist to develop a composite deep-sea tethering system with unprecedented strength, fatigue and cost characteristics.

EnergyBank is an early-stage startup, seeking high performing, pioneering and enthusiastic spirits to drive the rapid growth that we must achieve.

This role will be based within our workshop spaces at Outset Ventures in Parnell, Auckland.

As we scale, building a thriving, diverse team is our priority, so even if you think you might not exactly meet our requirements, we'd still appreciate your application—we are hiring for many roles over the next few months.


EnergyBank was founded to capitalise on the opportunity of a lifetime while also accelerating society's decarbonisation. To do this, we are developing the next generation of energy storage technology.

Energy storage boosts the value of renewables by creating artificial demand during periods of renewable oversupply. Storage then displaces fossil-fuelled generation by supplying that energy back to the grid during renewable supply shortages.

Our technology works by moving multiple thousand-tonne masses back and forth between the ocean floor and its surface over vertical distances of between 4 and 8km. This process leverages the depth of the ocean and gravitational potential to store energy with radically improved economics.

To achieve our mission, EnergyBank has been joined by five venture capital funds that have supported success stories like Coinbase, Rocketlab and Canva. So if you are a collaborative high-performer with a passion for innovative problem solving, we would love you to join us as well!


-   Through highs and lows, maintain a lightness in step, a fullness in     heart, and a focus in resolve.
-   Are comfortable breaking down and solving complex problems     while keeping original goals in mind.
-   Maintain a high standard of professionalism and have excellent     interpersonal skills.
-   Promote the best solutions regardless of their origin.
  Enjoy wearing multiple hats and having a variety of tasks.
-   Have a strong desire for personal development and growth.
  Thrive in a fast-moving environment.
-   Irrespective of ongoing success or failure, default to collaboration.  


Working in collaboration with experts at the University of Auckland's Centre for Advanced Composite Materials (CACM), you will be responsible for:

-   Communication between EnergyBank and CACM.
-   Research of candidate materials and manufacturing processes.
-   Design of composite tethers and manufacturing processes.
-   Manufacture of test samples and testing fixtures.
-   Testing of materials samples, including screening tests and      accelerated life-testing.
-   Techno-economic report writing on all of the above.  

Skills and Experience

We are looking for people who, alongside a relevant professional degree, have experience with most of the following:

-   Fibre-reinforced polymer design, characterisation, and      manufacture.
-   Polymer chemistry.
-   Finite element analysis.
-   Fatigue analysis.
-   Parametric CAD design.
-   Frictional interface analysis.
-   Accelerated life testing.
-   Technical Communication (Written & Oral).
-   High-Level Programming Ability (MATLAB, PYTHON, etc.).
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